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The Math Arrow From Sproglit – The Shape of Math to Come

The Math Arrow from Sproglit

The Math Arrow from Sproglit

Research in neuroscience shows that our brains like to detect and identify patterns. They will even “fill in the blanks” to complete one. For example, the “magic of Hollywood” comes from your brain, which can connect rapidly flashing still images into a continuous flow of film. When we lie on the grass gazing at the clouds in the sky, we can’t seem to stop trying to reconfigure cloud formations into familiar shapes.

Sproglit uses these same neuro-scientific principles to teach math. The Math Arrow is a matrix designed to make the relationship among numbers more intuitive and to enhance the learning of mathematical functions.  Unlike a number line, which extends horizontally and infinitely, the Math Arrow aligns numbers in a parallel zigzag design.  The Math Arrow has a number of unique characteristics that allow users to detect patterns in the relationship of numbers. Among them are:

- The zigzag pattern creates nodes for numbers that are divisible by 5 and 10

- Odd numbers are designated by triangles, except for numbers divisible by 5, which are displayed as pentagons

- Even numbers are displayed as quadrilaterals or circles

- Each number horizontally across from each other adds to 100

- On the left hemisphere of the Math Arrow, each number has a vertical correspondent that adds to 50

- On the right hemisphere of the Math Arrow, each number has a vertical correspondent that adds to 150

- The zigzag pattern creates a unique shape with triangles, squares and rectangles, allowing users to apply geometrical formuli such as the area of shapes and the calculation of angles

The Math Arrow was created by economist and author Todd Buchholz, a former White House economic adviser and winner of the Allyn Young Teaching Prize at Harvard University.

In 2013, a number of schools in California, Utah, and New York began using the Sproglit’s first game, Kyle Counts as an iPad App in beta form.  The Math Arrow has been praised by Martin Cooper, inventor of the cellular phone, David Noah, Managing Director of Schools, Success Academy, and other scientists, educators, and journalists.

Sproglit LLC. games have used the Math Arrow to teach counting, addition, subtraction and multiplication, with more games and mathematical functions under development.

You can purchase the 24″x36″ Math Arrow poster at our Amazon web store.

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