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Use the Math Arrow to help Kyle get home safely!

Kyle Counts is an exciting and fun counting game for iPad. Kids use their math skills to save Kyle from the chasing crocodiles.

This Sproglit game features the patented Math Arrow technology to show kids how to count by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 10s, and other integers. Rather than plodding along a boring number line, kids use their fingers to navigate Kyle around the map.

The more often a child plays Kyle Counts, the easier math will appear to her or him. When our brains see a pattern, they create a connection linking neurons.

Here’s a simple metaphor: Imagine you own an overgrown plot of land, and you would like to create walking paths through a tangle of wood and vines. The more often you trample on a certain route, the clearer the path becomes. Your footsteps dig a groove in the ground. Your brain creates grooves, and every time it sees a pattern recur, it becomes easier for the brain to recognize the pattern next time.

So every time you or your child plays a Sproglit game, it becomes easier and easier to enjoy math, and easier for test scores to rise.

Before you know it, they develop an intuitive sense of numbers from 1 to 100. And for older kids and even adults, higher levels of challenge will get them to think about finding the area and perimeter of triangles, squares and other geometric shapes.

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Math Arrow Games Key Features

- Exciting story of Kyle, lost from his mother, and chased by crocodiles on his way home.

- Fast, fun graphics, catchy music and sound effects

- Proprietary Sproglit Math Arrow that intuitively teaches math concepts

- Increasing levels of difficulty, from pre-schoolers to adults!

Education Goals

- Learn and reinforce how numbers relate and how to find multiples and addends of 100

- Practice mental math facts

- Learn geometric shapes and their properties

Foundations and Core Standards

- Kids cannot move on to higher math without a “number sense.” Kyle Counts teaches kids how to think about numbers, including “Number and Operations in Base Ten,” as described in the Common Core State Standards for grades K-4.

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