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“Math Arrow: Kyle Counts” is now available on the App Store!!

“Play Smart, Get Smarter!”

Download game from App Store - https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/math-arrow-kyle-counts/id638050645

The only game in the world allowed to use the revolutionary, patent pending Math Arrow
Your kids will develop an intuition about numbers and see patterns for the first time!
The most exciting way for toddlers through teens to learn about numbers, shapes, addition and multiplication and practice it to perfection
Endorsed by moms, dads, teachers, and school administrators
Among its early fans include Marty Cooper, inventor of

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What We Learn from Taxi Drivers

Children learn by recognizing patterns.  In fact, when they see new patterns, their brains begin to create new neural pathways.  Listen to this fascinating research concerning the London taxi driver, a noble tradition since the first horseless carriage roared past a horse in 1897.  It takes several years for would-be London cabbies to learn the location of sixty thousand roads and innumerable pub locations, and then to figure out how to get there.  Professional drivers call it “The Knowledge.”  Three-quarters

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Kyle Counts is BETA

Hi Sprogs!  We reached our BETA milestone and are intensely testing our game to be released soon.  We are very excited to introduce everyone to Kangaroo Kyle, Croc-E-Dile and all of our other characters that will engage your kids in a math adventure.

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Helping Vocational Education

Many high schools have phased out vocational education.  It’s a shame, especially in an economy where lathe operators and pipe-fitters can earn high salaries.  Vocational education got a bad reputation in the 1960s-1980s as a dumping ground for less-talented students.  A “college-for-everyone” snobbery took over school boards.   Here’s Todd Buchholz’s commentary from the PBS Nightly Business Report (scroll to minute 24:20 in the video) suggesting a new way forward for technical education.  Young people who

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Welcome to Sproglit

Welcome to Sproglit!

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