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Fighting Synesthesia with Math Arrow Games!

Sometimes the best way to learn about what is normal is to study that which is abnormal. Certain neurological disorders and conditions can give us clues about the characteristics of a normally functioning brain. For example, dyslexia is a condition in which certain letters or numbers appear flipped or jumbled which makes reading a hassle for dyslexic people. When this was discovered and studied, processes were developed to help dyslexic people overcome their condition and read “normally”. However, while some

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Former White House adviser’s educational app improves math scores by 11% in an hour

San Diego, California


Release date: 31 July 2013

Back-to-School App Boosts Math Scores by 11% in an Hour.

- Winner of Harvard’s Teaching Prize and White House adviser launches math app, Kyle Counts
- Kyle Counts is based on the Math Arrow, a reinvention of the Number Line featured by Mathematical Association of America
- Tests show 8-11% improvement after playing 10 minutes a day for five days
- Game based on neuroscientific discoveries that pattern-based learning can re-orientate

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The beauty of chunking

All complex life forms have some way of recreating aspects of their environments in their brains so that they can take in and respond to the stimuli around them.  While the biology is complicated, it essentially boils down to sensory input being transformed into a mental image or perception. There are limits, of course.  On average, the human working memory can hold four pieces of information for about 30 seconds before losing it unless extra efforts are made to retain

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Kyle Counts success at the Success Academy of Harlem

We had an inspiring visit in Harlem last week to the Success Academy charter school on 140th Street.  Kindergarten students played Kyle Counts with great enthusiasm; several kids mastered the easy level and moved on to more challenging terrain.  Some of the kids worked in teams, cheering as they guided Kyle around the Math Arrow.  We were awed by five and six-year olds counting by 8s and 9s.


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New App for Kids Uses Neuroscience to Teach Math to Kids

San Diego, California, June 5, 2013. While conventional math games can bore kids by drilling “math facts” over and over, Kyle Counts relies on new discoveries in brain science to teach kids patterns and number sense. Neuroscience studies show that children and adults learn best by seeing patterns. For example, most of us don’t actually read the word “STOP” when we see a stop sign; we step on the brake because

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