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Molding The Plastic Brain With Video Games

Molding The Plastic BrainTwenty years ago, biology dogma held that every person was born with all the neurons (about 100 billion) he or she would ever have.   Human being could not grow new neurons; they could only lose them. Neurons and neural support cells in the brain can be killed in a variety of ways, from exposure to radiation, to toxic substances, to everyday wear and tear.

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Kyle Counts is named the “App of the Week!”

We were delighted to learn that eSchoolnews and eClassroomnews named Kyle Counts the “App of the Week!”  ESchoolnews is read by principals, teachers and administrators throughout the world. Here’s their recommendation, awarding Kyle Counts a 4+ score!











As usual, you can always download Math Arrow: Kyle Counts and Math Arrow: Kyra Counting Game from the App Store!

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“Math Arrow: Kira Counting Game” Released!

San Diego, California, December 11, 2013 – While conventional math games can bore kids by drilling “math facts” over and over, Kira Counting Game relies on new discoveries in brain science to teach kids patterns and number sense. Neuroscience studies show that children and adults learn best by seeing patterns. For example, most of us don’t actually read the word “STOP” when we see a stop sign; we step on the brake because we’ve already detected that a

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Contest from Sproglit – Teach your kids using the Math Arrow and win $1000

Math Arrow Teaching Contest

SAN DIEGO — Sproglit, LLC, developer of the revolutionary Math Arrow learning system and the Kyle Counts app for children, is announcing a contest for teachers to show how they use the Math Arrow in their classroom. Homeschooling parents are also welcome to enter the contest, featuring a $1,000 grand prize.

To win the $1,000 grand prize, or one of the

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Daring to Create: How Do Blind People Do Math?

Dr. Abraham NemethHow can blind people learn mathematics?  Many will thank Abraham Nemeth, who died October 2 at age 94.  He presents a story sure to inspire anyone trying to overcome obstacles, whether economic roadblocks, physical disabilities or challenging learning environments.

Born into poverty in 1918 in New York’s Lower East Side, Abraham was blind since infancy, but the kid had a spark of originality.  As a

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