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You Can Help With Classroom Math!

Game-changing Math Arrow raises test scores in one hour!

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San Diego, California — September 15, 2015 – With the kids back in school, parents can turn their attention away from making sure they’re wearing sunscreen and instead make sure they’re learning math. But what can a mom or dad do, especially parent who are math-phobes themselves? Parents should urge teachers to check out

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Should Classrooms Ditch the Number Line?

Game-changing Math Arrow raises test scores in one hour!

San Diego, California — June 2, 2015 – Is it time to overhaul the school classroom? Elementary school classrooms try to instill “number sense” by hanging up a Number Line that points to infinity. In contrast, the Math Arrow is a remarkable matrix that makes arithmetic more intuitive, especially for visual learners. The Mathematical Association of America asks:

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Sproglit Math Arrow Posters Now Available on Amazon!

Math Arrow from Sproglit

Hello Friends,

Many of you have asked for months how can you get the Math Arrow poster for your classroom or at home. Sproglit is happy to announce that the Math Arrow posters are now available on Amazon.com. Please follow the link below, or simply type “Math Arrow Poster” in Amazon’s search box


Thank you for your support,
Team Sproglit
Todd, Lee, Sergiy

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Summer Time and the Learning is Easy.

Summer FunIt’s summer — the time for beach balls, lemonade stands, and just playing outside. While having fun running around is important for a child’s social development, there may be consequences to having a completely laid back summer. The idea of giving children a long school vacation derives from our history.  In the late 1800s, nearly half of American families worked in agriculture.  Therefore, school calendars generally followed farming

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Sproglit Offers Free Apps to Honor Math Teachers Meeting

Sproglit brings its game-changing technology to math teachers and parents

San Diego, California July 9, 2014 -  Sproglit, a leader in educational software, is offering teachers and parents free downloads of its popular Kyle Counts and Kira Counting Gameapps to honor the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics meeting in San Diego July 10-12, 2014.  Sproglit is sponsoring the meeting, which will focus on building number sense among pre-K to grade 5 students.

Sproglit, LLC,

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